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Machine Learning

Li2 welcomes you to the exciting world of machine learning.

With the exponential growth of data and availability of high computational power, machine learning is being used to solve many real world problems by major organisations around the world.

This two day hands-on workshop will give you an understanding about handling data and implementation of machine learning algorithms/ models to solve cutting edge problems. This workshop will also introduce you to basics of deep learning concepts like neural networks and computer vision.


Fundamental concepts

Basic algorithms linear regression, decision trees

Advanced algorithms- Neural networks, CNNs

Face extraction

Face recognition


Introduction to Machine learning
Basics of Python
Difference between supervised & unsupervised learning
Introduction to linear regression & related python libraries
Housing price prediction using 2 variables
Housing price prediction with multiple variables
Introduction to classification problem
Case study on classification problems (tumour detection as malignant or benign)
Applications of ML in the industry
Image processing using ML
Case study 1: Detecting harmful algae blooms (HABs) using NOAA satellites image data for Indian beaches and provide precautionary early measures to people going around those beaches.
Case study 2: Monitor significant earthquakes of past and build a early warning system for coastal parts of India.

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