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Li2 RiSE

Robotics and Innovation in STEAM Education

Li2 – RISE program is a unique offering that is designed to provide a holistic learning experience for students. The program is designed to involve the fundamental processes of conceptualization, design, implementation and execution. Each module incorporates an optimum mix of theoretical concepts, algorithm development, programming and hands-on implementation.



At Li2, we aim to provide easy-to-use robotics educational learning resources for schools, with a focus on holistic learning. Our pedagogy involves key elements of experiential learning and our approach revolves around the simple motto of:



The content is designed and customised to suit the comprehension capabilities of students. It aligns with the concepts covered in the syllabus and gives students an opportunity to relate to multi-disciplinary applications through an experiential learning process. The course is independently structured to cater students from VI to IX grades.



Sensor based navigation | Object avoiding | Maze solving | Line following | Pick and Place | Color Detection | Industrial Automation

IOT Yellow-min

Internet of Things (IoT)

Voice Controlled Automation | Sensors | Home Automation | Google Assistant

3D Printer-min

3D Printing

Brahma3 Anvil | Mechanism |  Design and Printing

machine learning-min

Machine Learning

Object recognition | Face detection | Object detection

BrainWave Technology-min

BrainWave Technology

Reading brainwaves | Control through state of mind

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