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IoT and Cloud

Li2 welcomes you to the exciting field of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud.

With all the hype surrounding IoT and established applications such as smart homes, smart cities, wearables, industrial internet, smart supply chain, we give you an opportunity to learn and leverage this technology in building your own smart network of devices with cloud support.

This two day hands-on workshop involves

The workshop outlines the following concepts:

  • Building smart devices
  • Cloud software
  • Free online IoT services
  • Building simple android applications
  • Online databases
  • Home automation

Hands-on session will include:

  • Connecting a smart device to the cloud
  • Handling data at the cloud end
  • Using online services for tasks like SMS and Email
  • Logging data onto online platforms like Google Sheets
  • Using MIT App Inventor to make android apps
  • Interfacing your mobile apps with online databases
  • Setting up Home Automation systems using Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger
  • Open project session and idea implementation


*Take away kits are available at special discounted prices.


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