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Iot and Cloud

Li2 welcomes you to the exciting field of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud.

With all the hype surrounding IoT and established applications such as smart homes, smart cities, wearable, industrial internet, smart supply chain, we give you an opportunity to learn and leverage this technology in building your own smart network of devices with cloud support.


Opensource cloud platform

Mobile app and storage

Hosting a server and website

Developing a chat terminal

Voice controlled home assistant


Keynote on Building IoT applications
Database and storage techniques, experiment on Google Firebase
Log data on Google sheets
Mobile apps for development
Blink an LED using Blynk application
Control RGB LED module using Blynk
Hosting a server on NodeMCU
IR sensor, DHT11 sensor and soil moisture sensor on serve
Running a website on NodeMCU

Introduction to MIT App inventor

  • Run an existing app
  • Control LED
  • Send data to mobile app
Concepts of MQTT, Adafruit IO, IFTTT
Chat terminal – Telnet using NodeMCU

Google Assistant

  • Send an email
  • Send a SMS
  • Send temperature value as an SMS
Home Automation using Google Assistant + Google Firebase
REST API and file formats for data transfer
EasyIoT Cloud and Device Hive
Project ideation and building


ESP8266 NodeMCU | Micro USB cable | Breadboard | IR sensor | DHT11 sensor | Soil moisture sensor | ADXL345 sensor module | Pulse sensor | LDR sensor | Buzzer module | RGB module | Mini water pump | Water pump pipe | Vibration coin motor | Relay module | Regulator | BO geared motor | Motor shield dual (H-bridge) | Resistor | Tactile switch | DC power jack | Jumper wires | Screwdriver


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