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Skoolbot Advance - Robotics, Mind Magic and 3D Printing

Mind Magic

Control Devices and play games directly from your mind. Use the Neurosky Brainwave Starter Kit to explore your power of concentration!

We are bringing a fantastic new technology to India, where children will be able to use and understand their power of focus and meditation.


Learn to build robots! Control robots with hand movements, with your mobile phone, and various other devices. Learn to program robots to perform various tasks.

In this module, students will learn how to build autonomous robots. Students will build various algorithms, and will program robots using Arduiono Programming language and Processing IDE.

3D Printing

Ever believed you could create your own world? Learn to make your own real world objects using 3D Printing technology!

Students will work with Anvil, a 3D Printer by Brahma3. They will learn to bring their own visualizations, i.e. 3 Dimensional objects into reality through Anvil.

For more info about this program, mail or call 080 – 4099 1762 or 98860 54730