ROBOTC is a powerful C-based programming language with a Windows environment for writing and debugging programs, and the only programming language at this level that offers a comprehensive, real-time debugger. Developed by RoboMatter Inc in association and with Intellectual properties from Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy. ROBOTCis a cross-platform solution that allows students to learn the type of c-based programming used in advanced education and professional applications.

Latest Features

  • Natural Language Programming  – Programming in RobotC just got a lot easier. Introducing RobotC’s Natural Language Library a collection of common robot behaviours at your finger tips.  When beginner programmers use RobotC’s new Natural Language Library they can write codes using commands that are easy to use and to remember
  • Robot Virtual Worlds – ROBOTC’s new Robot Virtual Worlds simulation software allows programmers to test their robots in a simulation environment before they test the code on their real robots. (Read More Link to Robot Virtual World page)

ROBOTC is a:

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT programming language
  • TETRIX programming language
  • VEX programming language for CORTEX and PIC robots
  • Programming Language for Arduino Uno/Mega (coming soon) micro-controllers

Benefits of using ROBOTC

  • Uses the industry standard C-programming language. Additional language extensions specifically for robotic use.
  • Modern Windows GUI with standard visual interface.
  • The only solution with fully integrated software debugger allowing users to step line by line through program execution and analysis of all variables.
  • Additional debugging tools allow the user to see the real time states of all motors and sensor. These are viewed as your program is running; not as a separate application!
  • Over 100 Sample Programs with extensive documentation so students and hobbyists can get started learning how  to program
  • Free webinars, video tutorials, community forums, detailed help files, and curriculum provided by Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy.
  • ROBOTC has the same form and feel, often even the same command names, as professional tools used on other systems.