Build your own smart device

Venue : Li2 Corporate Office, Mathikere, Bangalore

Contact : +91-8095423468

Li2 Innovations welcomes you to the exciting world of smart devices.

Smart devices have taken the modern world by storm, with devices like smart watches, smart phones, and smart speakers, which connect to a wireless network and give you access to a variety of functions at your fingertips.

This two day hands-on workshop involves building a smart device using advanced sensors and ESP8266 NodeMCU, in fields of Agri-tech, Healthcare and Home automation. The workshop will introduce concepts like IFTTT, MQTT, and Wifi in Access point and Station modes, incorporating hands-on experiments and real-time problem solving.

The workshop outlines the following concepts:

  • Connected devices and Industry 4.0
  • Potential of connected devices in Agri-tech,Healthcare and Home Automation.
  • IFTTT, MQTT, and GATT services.
  • ThingSpeak and Analytics using the Matlab tool.
  • Advanced wireless technologies to support IoT

Hands-on session will include:

  • Blinking an LED on the NodeMCU
  • Building an IoT based smart project.
  • Data visualisation using ThingSpeak and analytics using the Matlab tool.
  • Hackathon and project ideation
  • Open project session and idea implementation (group)


Take away kits are available at special discounted prices.

Workshop participation fees: Rs. 500/- per participant

Contact: +91 8095423468 (Shreyas)

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Smart Devices Workshop Details

Details :
Dates :
29-30 Sept 2018 (Sat & Sun)
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