Self balancing Robot

This workshop is for those robotics enthusiasts who want to accomplish the impossible. Li2 Self Balancing Robot achieves, in two days, what humans take two years to achieve!!! This workshop gives an in-depth knowledge on design, construction and programming concepts involved in building an autonomous balancing robot.

The self balancing robot is constructed on a laser cut metallic and acrylic chassis fitted with two wheels and high precision motors. The advanced controller board is equipped with PWM channels and customized inputs for motion sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. The closed loop PID control enables one to precisely trigger the actuators at specific intervals and achieve a smooth balance.  This robot is a first step in building two wheeled transport vehicles through concepts such as gyro-stabilization, center of mass and sensor output filtering. The concepts covered in the workshop lay the much required foundation to design and construct humanoid robots and exoskeletons.

During the workshop the participants will be exposed to the various aspects of design, construction and programming of robots. An optimum blend of theory and hands-on will ensure a complete learning experience on topics such as Kalman Filtering, PID control, PWM and the principles of balancing. Complete with real time simulation, easy programming techniques and Li2’s unique experiential learning pedagogy methodologies the Self Balancing Robot Workshop is designed to derive the best of every robotics enthusiast. More importantly this workshop offers a complete learning curve for beginners and expert researchers alike.

The key features and concepts covered in the workshop are:

  • Microcontroller Family
  • Architecture of 8 Bit Microcontrollers
  • Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Using Timers and Interrupts
  • Motor Drivers and its internal architecture
  • Dual Motor Direction Control
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Proportional-Integral-Derivative [PID] Control
  • Kalman Filter
  • DOF and center of gravity concepts
  • 3axis Accelerometer
  • 2axis Gyroscope
  • Real time robot motion simulation
  • Working of two wheeled balancing robot


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