Li2 Robo III

Li2-Robo-III is a workshop that introduces you to the exciting world of microcontrollers! The Level-III workshop designed by Li2-Innovations is a two day workshop that is aimed at giving hands-on feel of working with industry adopted microcontrollers. Various interesting open problems are floated and the participants are encouraged to think out-of-box and come up with innovative ideas. Post workshop, a participant gets good exposure to artificial intelligence and embedded systems and is ready to embark on numerous exciting microcontroller based projects.

The concepts that will be covered are:
·        Basics of controller based autonomous Robotics
·        Various types of sensors
·        Electrical Characteristics of Sensors
·        Architecture of AVR Micro-controller
·        Programming the Micro-controller
·        Control System concepts

Hands-on session will include
·        Controlling DC motors using microcontroller
·        Working with IR Sensor
·        Working with AVR micro-controller (ATMega8)
·        Working with Li2 Flexi development board
·        Working with compilers and IDE
·        Implementing line following on robot using IR Sensor with microcontroller
·        Building circle drawing robot

  • Building basic robot navigation
  • Building Computer controlled robot
  • Building sound operated robot
  • Building interrupt driven robot
The finale is each team will build a Sumo-Robot and a Sumo fighting competition will be held.
Winners are rewarded!!!


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