Li2 Robo Eye

This workshop is for those who wish to go beyond IR sensors, SONARs and LDRs in sensing the external environment. Imagine a robot that can see like humans do and process the captured image to perform a meaningful task. If you have a desire to build one, Li2-ROBO-EYE is the right place to be. The main aim of this workshop is to address problems, methodology, algorithm and tools related to the image capture, processing and control. The workshop will be a platform to venture into the areas of security, surveillance, document imaging, biomedical and many others.

The main concepts and hands-on activities will include:

  • What is Vision Controlled Motion (VCM)?
  • Introduction to Image Processing.
  • Tools for Image Processing.
  • CCD Vs CMOS Cameras.
  • Working with Processing.
    • How Processing handles Matrix and Arrays
    • Image/Video acquisition
    • Previewing the video
    • Storing Images
    • Color Spaces
    • Image Histogram Equalization
    • Thresholding
    • Interfacing with PC ports (Parallel/Serial)
  • Algorithm Building
    • Edge detection using Sobel, Prewitt & Roberts Filters
    • Object Recognition using SIFT
  • Machine control : Robot Navigation.

The workshop involves building the following robots

  • Object Detecting Robot.
  • Object Recognizing Robot.
  • Automatic Traffic Signal Navigator.


To organize this workshop in your college contact us at : +91 98863 33801 or