Li2 Plotter

Li2-Innovations brings to you another cool Robotic workshop where a Robot can draw. The two day workshop involves building autonomous plotter robot using micro controllers.

Li2 Plotter is a drawing robot which can plot or draw using micro controllers. The design of the plotter is such that it draws at a faster pace and with increased accuracy.

During the workshop participants will be introduced to open source software and taught about various types of micro controllers. The workshop course content is designed with an optimum blend of theory and hands-on sessions. The participants will work on how to build and program a drawing robot.The robot built by them will be able to draw alphabets,pictures,numbers and letters.

Features of the Workshop:

  • A 2D Drawing robot.
  • Computer Controlled Plotter.
  • Function based Plotter Drawing.
  • Innovative workshop course design enabling participants to build robots without prerequisite knowledge of micro controllers.

Workshop Content:

  • Micro controller Family
  • Selection Criteria for Micro controller
  • Architecture of 8 bit Micro controllers
  • Using I/O Ports and Motor Drivers
  • Stepper Motor Control
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Using Timers and Interrupts
  • Degree of Freedom
  • Synchronous Control of Motors
  • Plotting Letters and numbers using 2D motion

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