Li2 Mobile Robo

Li2 Mobile Robo Workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of Microcontroller based Robots and controlling them using a simple mobile phone. Workshop is designed in such a way that the students develop the codes all by themselves with the aid of superior quality training by our expert trainers.

During the course of the workshop,various interesting open problems are floated and the participants are encouraged to think out-of-box and come up with innovative solutions. Post workshop, each participant has a good exposure to artificial intelligence and embedded systems and is ready to embark on numerous exciting Microcontroller based projects with wireless control.

The concepts that will be covered are:

  • Basics of controller based autonomous Robotics
  • Characteristics of Sensors
  • Control of the Robot using feedback
  • Intelligence in Robots with Micro-controller
  • Architecture of AVR Micro-controller
  • Embedded C
  • Control System concepts
  • DTMF

Hands-on session will include

  • Construction of a robot using chassis, motors and sensors
  • Controlling DC motor using microcontroller
  • Working with IR Sensor
  • Working with AVR micro-controller [ATmega 8 ]
  • Working with Li2 Flexi development boards
  • Working with compilers implementing obstacle detection/avoiding on robot using IR sensor with microcontroller
  • Implementing line following on robot using IR Sensor with microcontroller
  • Building circle drawing robot
  • Working with DTMF
    • Understanding the working of DTMF
    • Hands on interfacing of the DTMF module to the Microcontroller
    • Developing code to control the Robot using DTMF

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