Li2 LogiX

Li2-LogiX  is a two day Robotics Workshop for the uninitiated and robotics enthusiasts. This workshop involves building autonomous robots using logic gates and will introduce to the students the basic concepts of Logic Design. The target audience for this robotics workshop is students in higher secondary schools, degree, diploma Institutes and I Year students in Engineering Colleges. This hands-on fun-filled workshop not only introduces students to the basics of robotics but also ignites in them the passion for research and product development in the fields of robotics  and embedded  systems.

The concepts of mechanics and electronics are explained using simple and easy-to-build demonstration kits. This one day robotics workshop involves building ‘Li2-LogiX Robot’ specially designed and developed by Li2-Innovations. Li2-LogiX robot is a differential drive device with various on board sensors which perform tasks of Line follower, Hand follower, obstacle avoider, light chaser etc.

Li2-LogiX is an ideal platform for anyone to embark on the exciting and promising field of robotics.

The main concepts covered in the Workshop are:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Robot Anatomy (Parts, Design & Construction)
  • Autonomous Robotics (An Overview)
  • Logic Gates and Circuits
  • Analog vs. Digital Circuits
  • Motors and Motor Drivers
  • Dual Motor Direction Control
  • Sensors (Analog & Digital)
  • Robot Locomotion
  • Using IR and Light Sensors


The hands-on sessions will include:

  • Building of Line Follower
  • Building Obstacle Avoider Robots
  • Building Line Follower with Obstacle Avoidance
  • Building Light Chaser Robot

A participation certificate is issued to all the participants at the end of the workshop.


To organize this workshop in your college contact us at : +91 98863 33801 or