Brainwave Controlled Robots


Build and control robots and other devices, through the power of your mind!

Use Freescale Freedom board and our NeuroSky® Brainwave Starter Kit, to control robots through brainwaves. This workshop will introduce the students to Freescale Freedom, a highly advanced, as well as low cost board. You will learn to digitize analog electrical brainwaves to power the user interface of games, education and research applications. You will ultimately be able to control robots and other devices through your mind!

At the end of the workshop, square off in a competition against the other participating teams in a Brainwave Robot Battleroyale!

The main concepts covered in the workshop are

    1. Introduction to Freescale Freedom Board, Accelerometer, Touch Screen (In Built)
    2. Build and Control a robot with Hand Gestures
    3. Understanding Brainwaves and technology behind reading brainwaves with Neurosky Brainwave Kit
    4. Interfacing Neurosky Brainwave Kit with Freescale Freedom Board,setting parameters
    5. Control the robot with brainwaves


Takeaway Kit : Freescale Freedom Development Kit, Robotics Assembly Kit

Phone Registration : Contact +91 8861064660 for more info


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