Android App Development

Android App Development is a four day Android Certification Program designed to give engineering students and professionals an in-depth knowledge about android programming and creating applications on android open-source platform. This program will introduce the participants to various aspects of android, application development and publishing it in market. In addition to the learning, each participant will be certified, thus increasing their chances of placing themselves in industries and pursue research in the fields of their choice.

Program Highlights:

  • The course content designed and developed by experienced trainers.
  • Extensive 25 Hrs training Hands-On on Android open-source platform and application development.
  • Industry standard projects involving all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • The program begins with weeklong practical training sessions with the option of an internship, which is to be done offline, at home, with the assistance of our R&D team.
  • Internship can be done even during college coursework.
  • Certification will be provided from Li2-innovations Pvt. Ltd.

About Android:

  • Android is complete, open source and free operating system.
  • It is powered by Linux Kernel and is developed based on Java language.
  • Android operating system is currently the world’s best selling Smartphone platform.
  • Developers write primarily in java language, controlling the device via Google developed java libraries.

Learning just to create few apps doesn’t fulfil the requirement of one to become an android developer. We at li2 give you a clear edge to standout among the developers.


  • Use eclipse for java programming
  • Boot up Android application
  • Use Android emulator
  • Debug your Android application
  • Use HTML
  • Use XMl
  • Create User interface using XML
  • Create menus and dialogs
  • Create widgets
  • Create user interface using local resources
  • Create Advanced User Interface
  • Use intents and intents filters
  • Use Services to access various other components
  • Use broadcast receivers and notifications.
  • Access database SQLite
  • Persisting data to the database
  • Communication with socket server
  • Access HTTP components and web services
  • Use media framework for audio and video components
  • Playing videos and capturing images
  • Make calls using telephony APIs
  • Access locations and maps
  • Package your Android application
  • Publish your apps to Android market
  • Work on other IDEs available in the pool of Android and much more…

Take-away Kit Details

  • CD containing software required during the training course.
  • Manual for app development and sample codes.
  • Immense knowledge that you gain from here.

Fee Structure :

  • Professionals: Rs 5800/- Inclusive of Taxes.
  • Student Offer: Rs 4500/- Inclusive of Taxes.

Phone Registration :

  • To register through phone, call +91 8861064660


Android Course Info

Details :
Dates :
11-12 Aug 2018 (Sat & Sun)
18-19 Aug 2018 (Sat & Sun)
25-26 Aug 2018 (Sat & Sun)
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