Li2-Innovations welcomes the student community, robotics enthusiasts, programmers interested in revelling in physical computing, those interested in integrating handheld devices with Robots and electronic-mechanical gadget hackers to our blog.

The fear that Robots will control our lives has been sidelined in the process of continued research and development, and new beneficial outcomes have graced this field. The relatively low budget provisions to make own projects have sky-rocketed the passion in graduates, post graduates, high school students and not to forget the primary school students bubbling with enthusiasm and acumen to take up Robotics as a serious hobby.

The introduction of our new product line is aimed at providing students, the products that they require at more affordable prices as compared to the existing market. Also, watch out for exciting offers and discounts to be availed on our diverse products.

The rage of wildfire in technological developments is presently seen in handheld devices. Li2 Innovations has strongly extended its reach in the Android domain. Android fans can expect here lots of unprecedented know-how in this domain as well.

This blog would be serving as a portal for new developments in the fields of science and technology. This is also a platform for students to showcase their innovative projects they come up with.  And for beginners, new problem statements would be presented for which the students would come up with their individual solutions such that new competencies would be developed in due course of time.

Finally, and most importantly, one of the intriguing purposes of Li2 blogs is to promote innovations by students and tech savvy individuals. This would be a launch-pad for such innovations to be made known to the worldwide audience through international conferences, journals and competitions. And, budding entrepreneurs be rest assured that this place is going to be a VC hot-spot, which will take your ideas into bigger, brighter horizons.



Team Li2.



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  1. Sandeep
    Oct 19, 2011

    Really Cool!!!

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