SCARA : The Revolutionary Robotic Arm


When we think of a Robotic Arm, first thing that comes to our mind is our own arms and how they work. To think of a Robotic arm, is to think in depth of how our own hands work. The joints that provide us with the motion are replaced with Motors. Our bones become the strong rods(metallic or otherwise) that hold these motor-joints. And what remains, is the precision with which our arms can move. Ever wondered what calculated precision goes behind mindlessly lifting a tea cup and sipping the morning tea, without once spilling it all over yourself?

Yes, it is all about the precise movements. And it is this precision that rules over the industry. It is this precision of movement that is already revolutionizing the medical sciences  saving innumerable lives now and in the days to come.

SCARA stand for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm. SCARA excels in “pick and place” ,in its unique ability to pick up industrial components from one location and place them in another, with precision, speed, and smooth motion.

The SCARA arm behaves somewhat like the human arm. However, the SCARA arm has limited motion at the wrist; it can rotate but it cannot tilt. The limited motion of the wrist is advantageous for many types of assembly operations, such as pick-and-place, assembly, packaging applications, trajectory mapping, drafting & designing, and precision engineering activities.

Scara is that what has created high- speed automated assembly never before possible and resulted in the mass production of small electronic products that have transformed the human world.

It is our pleasure to let you know that we,at Li2,  have our very own Robotic Arm called the “Li2-SCARA“. It is a 2 axis Robotic Arm which can move precisely to any given point on a 2 dimensional surface. It is flexible in its motion at wrist as well,being able to execute motion in pitch axis. Not just that, it can also write!! Seeing is believing; you can find the video of our Robotic Arm Here.

As far as innovations are concerned, sky is not a limit, even outer space isn’t. In such multitudes,for sure shall we find all our lives transformed.  And,  the reason behind one or many such transformations could be you!


Team Li2.


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