Breaking The Norm

It has become common knowledge that we are offering certification programs in Embedded Systems and Android App Development again this year. There seems to be a mutual admiration in our classes. The team responsible for training is constantly surprised at the incredible potency of the students, and the students venerate the trainers. Many students are delighted to finally be a part of a course that focuses more on practical learning as opposed to easily erasable bookish knowledge, which is what many Indian schools and colleges try to impart, albeit, unintentionally. The phrase we are like that only springs to mind. Well, no more. The enthusiasm of the students seems unbound, with many students stating that they would like to attend more workshops by Li2 Innovations.

One student, Sandeep Ravi states, “I just loved to see the outputs immediately after learning it. Teaching style was awesome”. No feeling is as good as satisfaction. All we wanted to do was to break the norm and prove that it could indeed be better to take a more practical approach to teaching, and we like to think that we did so in style.

Registrations for the Certification courses are still open. Head on over to for further information



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