In a country like India, where the rural population accounts for 72% of the whole, where there is only 8 health care workers for every 100,000 citizens, we need, at the very least, cheap and efficient medical devices. Enter: Less 3 ( <3 ), a ground-breaking new medical appliance designed by our R&D team while participating in the ‘55444 Hackathon’, organized by the technology firm Innoz Technologies. This device sends out an SMS when there is an irregularity in the heart beat of the user. It then displays the request on a portal, which is constantly monitored, and appropriate action is carried out. The application then alerts doctors, NGOs or ambulances depending on the situation.┬áMore sensors can be added to measure parameters such as body temperature. The main goal of this project is to make an impact on the social level by focussing on keeping the device cheap and open-source.

The design that won us the 55444 Hackathon
Already, many organizations want to implement this device in Uttarakhand, Nairobi and Nicaragua among other places.
The future seems brighter.
If you want to use Less3 in your area, please contact us. Find the contact information on the following page:


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